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Welcome! -- Rules:

Welcome to CountryXReader! We're a close-knit community of people who love to read and write a special genre of fanfiction, deemed Reader Insert fanfiction. Here you'll find many stories, contests, and general author updates. As long as you all abide by the rules, we'll continue to be the largest and (hopefully) the most diverse Hetalia group.

What's a Reader Insert? A reader insert is a story, normally with a romantic aspect, where the reader (yes, you!) gets to be part of the action. So, if you've got a crush on a country, browse their folder, and get to fangirl heaven! Need an example? Just jump right in.


Everything submitted is not automatically accepted, you will need an admin approval. That is because there are so many incoming submissions per day and we need to make sure things are placed where they are supposed to be. Make sure everything here is Hetalia.

We proudly accept:

- Hetalia Reader Inserts in any POV
- Stories with an OC x Country
- OC Countries x Reader
- Contest Advertisements
- Author Updates

We do NOT accept:

- Memes
- Roleplay Ads
- Chat Room ads
- Non-Country x Reader Inserts
- Unrelated Journal Entries
- Country x Country Fan-fiction
- Stories in Foreign Languages
- Drawings

I trust everyone in this group to be mature enough to follow these rules. We will periodically do a clean sweep of the folders, so if we remove or move your stuff, it was probably for a good reason.


- Make sure to properly label Mature Content when necessary.
- Adhere by deviantART's rules.
- Be kind to writers and readers alike. We're not here to start flame wars.
- Don't use the comments to advertise ideas or beg for requests. The "Advertisements" folder might have a open request journal.
- If you have any questions, note us or comment in the group! If we don't reply, we're probably busy. Please be patient!
- Please do not advertise on our group wall; it is for searching stories, not for your advertising needs.
- Please do not use unsourced or uncredited images as the preview image of your fan fiction. Please leave details regarding who the drawing/image belongs to and its original artist in the description.

Have fun, and remember the rules!
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Steampunk Contest
'Help Me' Folder
Sorry for the long wait, everyone! The winners of the Steampunk Contest have been announced! Even if you didn't place, I will be personally distributing small bonus prizes for everyone who participated. It pays to participate! All your stories were lovely and very creative, but alas, we could only choose three winners. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for taking part in the contest be it entering, offering prizes, advertising, or helping with the judging!

3rd Place

Fires of a Revolution by WordyKite


- Drawing of 1 character from GydroZMaa
- Llama badge from GydroZMaa
- 80 points from GydroZMaa
- Hetalia one-shot from TeralGeo
- Llama badge from TeralGeo
- Hetalia one-shot from InkyStardust
- Llama badge from InkyStardust
- Drawing of 1 character from Embasan
- Llama badge from Embasan
- One-shot from animegirl122334
- Llama badge from WordyKite
- Hetalia-style poem from WordyKite

2nd Place

Smog by GeneralFalcon005


- Hetalia one-shot from GydroZMaa
- Drawing of 1 character from GydroZMaa
- Llama badge from GydroZMaa
- 1-month PM or the equivalent in points from GydroZMaa
- Hetalia one-shot from TeralGeo
- Llama badge from TeralGeo
- Hetalia one-shot from InkyStardust
- Llama badge from InkyStardust
- Drawing of 1 character from InkyStardust
- Hetalia one-shot from InkyStardust
- Drawing of 1 character from Embasan
- Llama badge from Embasan
- One-shot from animegirl122334
- Llama badge from WordyKite
- Hetalia-style poem from WordyKite

1st Place

These Broken Things by UnluckyAmulet


- Hetalia one-shot from GydroZMaa
- Drawing of 1-2 characters from GydroZMaa
- Llama badge from GydroZMaa
- 3-month PM or the equivalent in points from GydroZMaa
- Hetalia one-shot from TeralGeo
- Llama badge from TeralGeo
- One-shot from InkyStardust
- Llama badge from InkyStardust
- Hetalia one-shot from Embasan
- Drawing of 1-2 characters from Embasan
- Llama badge from Embasan
- One-shot from animegirl122334
- Llama badge from WordyKite
- Hetalia-style poem from WordyKite

Don't forget to check out the other stories written by these lovely people:

Trouble is Afoot (Steampunk!Hetalia x Reader)The weather outside wasn’t very pleasant. However, considering that it was England, it was very rare for the atmospheric conditions to be anything else.
The cloud’s teardrops created tsunamis of dejection as they fell upon the earth’s soil with relentless and powerful bullets of maliciousness; bringing themselves into huddles of self-pity as they tried to cover their shame. Their retribution wasn’t unaided however; as the wind’s ferocious screams blew against every gentleman and lady who dared to walk out in such murderous conditions. With the cold heart of the wind and the painful tears of the clouds, Arthur Kirkland knew that he wouldn’t hear the end of mockery he’d get from his fellow men.
His companions, all gentlemen from different countries, truly got too amused by how terrible English weather could get, and considered it the perfect reason to ridicule the poor gent and his ‘less superior’ country.
England X Reader - The KeyPlease read the description first. It is necessary.

It was rather warm for this time of the year, but not warm enough to see the sun outside. Railway was wet from the heavy rain that stopped minutes ago and one could see the small puddles that the rain drops created on the side of the road.
Walls of the small carriage, I was in, had white details near the window that matched the seats, and hair colour of the man that was facing me.
“Ladies do not bite their nails.” Said Matthew with a stern voice, not even looking at me.
“They are not told what to do by their butlers either.” I replied.  Rattling noises filled the small room.
He smiled behind his glasses, putting his novel down. “Good thing I work for your father and not you then.”
The train jolted a few times causing me to grab the seat next to me. “I’m sorry.” I said a few minutes later. Silence was becoming more and more unbearable by second. “
happy birthday. [Sniper!Finland x Tinkerer!Reader]happy birthday.
[Hetalia x Reader]
Sniper!Finland x Tinkerer!F!Reader
Warnings: None.
prompts: that moment you realize you're paired up with one of the most coolest yet sweetest character ever.
NOTE: This is set in a Steampunk Universe of my own, there are floating cities and all that jazz. I hope you don't mind. ^-^ Also cities on the GROUND will be named after animals. There won't be any action whatsoever.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
[Liberty Airship, "Gear Garage", 9:53; status-cloudy]
Your eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration as you carefully twisted a loose nail into place. Your irises dilated and you subconsciously poked your tongue out of your lips in fixation. Once the nail was screwed back into place, you double-checked the whole contraption to see if there were any errors. A sigh of relief flew from your mouth and you set the little box invention onto your work desk. You then placed your handy tools back into the tool box and slumped back into your cushioned chair,
Air Blimps (AmericaXReader)Ever since you were little, you had always loved inventing and engineering. There was very little that your quick, nimble fingers couldn’t do. Those fingers could take apart a compass in put it back together in two minutes and twenty-seven seconds. You could fix that old grandfather clock across the hall from your room in under several hours of tinkering around with it.
Humming a little tune as you skipped down the sidewalk of London, England, you stopped to survey your surroundings. Of course, you had taken this path many times, as you were heading to a friend’s house. The two of you often liked to just sit back, talk, and occasionally take apart some things and put it back together when you were bored.
As you walked lightly down the sidewalk, you noticed that there was a large truck in front of your friend’s apartment. Frowning, you quickly dismissed the fact that the truck had never been there before, and you rang the doorbell to your friend’s suite.
Resurrectionist (Steampunk!France x Reader)The lamp at your feet had its own gears, ever and again cycling through the globes, but it still never gave off enough light. Your eye, too, wouldn’t cease its soft clicking; you thought you’d lose your mind if you didn’t already have such evidence lying before you.
You were scarcely able to see your skin through the dirt for it came away moist, dark beige with every effort, thicker the deeper you went. The skull itself was stained badly when you lifted it clear – still with the same faint stench as you always expected – but your hands were unused to hesitance. Rather, you felt the whole thing over, worrying at where the bone dipped and shallowed, falling into ghostly recesses. Luckily it was one of those which had died twenty years before, for there were still very few graveyards yet established underground. You could never in your life fancy the notion of rummaging through the flesh-sticky remnants of a child before her prime.
The rest of the body was tu
Spain x Reader: Fixing UpDONG.
As soon as the astronomical clock rang in the distance, (Name) opened her eyes. She huffed and stretched, her chair creaking backward behind her. A couple of bones popped in her shoulders and neck, and she let out a rather large yawn.
“Lunch time,” she muttered, standing from her comfy chair. She dusted off her pants and buttoned her black vest back into place before grabbing a little, ratty coin purse. She also grabbed a long red scarf. It was a bit chilly outside nowadays.
(Name) put large curtain over the entrance to her little hole-in-the-wall shop. No need to worry about security. She wouldn’t be gone too long. Running across the busy cobbled street, she brushed her way inside of Palmary’s. There were quite a few people here today, which made (Name) a little irritated. She needed to get back to work. Not that she had many customer’s but… Anyway, (Name) shouldered her way to the front and ordered a meat bun.
Palmary’s had
America x Reader: Through the skies“Whohoo! This works perfectly!”
You were standing on top of a skateboard you had made yourself, surfing down the dim streets of your well-known Aethali*. The engine behind you whirred, not too loud, and not completely silent, as it sped up your speed down the streets, which was more or less devoid of people, making it the perfect testing-grounds of your newest invention.
This was what you normally did; you would find some gears and items scattered around on the streets, bring them home, and make something new out of it. Your parents were not too happy about your hobby, wishing you instead would do something others your age would do, but they left you to your own devices when they realised they could not stop you.
However, this day would be different from the others.
“You there! Stop right now!” you faintly heard someone shout. Looking behind you, you saw a male running down the same way you were heading, but you went too fast and were too far away to see any oth
Tick Tock England x ReaderTick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That sound was calming to England. It wasn’t coming from the clocks on the wall, or the one in his pocket. Their broken faces had long silenced their ticking. He had to. This single ticking object was the only one he had to hear. Without it, He would go mad. He couldn’t ever let that ticking stop. He looked up from his book to see his love reading as well. He smiled then and soon closed his book and got up.
“Come on love… You’re looking a bit dingy. I need to polish you up.” They looked up then slowly, but soon got up and walked with him. Arthur kept an arm around theirs smiling. He was happy with (Y/N). Ever since the car crash, she had trouble moving and couldn’t speak but it didn’t bug him. He was just glad that they were still with him. Soon they were in his study and he got the cleaning rag and soon started on their face.
“I was thinking of making bangers and mash tonight again love…. Would that be
Troubles with Bed“You've got to be kidding me!” [y/n] choked and backed away from the smoking engine in front of them. They'd been attempting to fix their ship's engine for a good day now, barely any time to rest in between working on the engine and making sure that –
“Scheiße!” [y/n] rolled their eyes as they slowly turned around to spy their current assistant, the albino brother of their engineering idol and dear friend, Ludwig Beilschmidt. He had practically pushed his older brother under your wing right before heading off to some unknown location to meet with an unknown person. Pretty much everything he was currently doing was completely unknown to you, even the reasoning to leaving his brother with you. Gilbert was a great engineer as well, and he could easily take care of himself... well, for the most part anyway.
With a sigh, [y/n] turned from their work and headed over to wherever it was that Gilbert had sworn from, giving their dog a good noggin-rubbin' as th

Winners, please contact the prize donors for your prizes. The prize donors are not responsible for distributing your prizes if you do not reach out to them first. Thank you all again for making this contest possible! We look forward to hosting new contests in the future!
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