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Okay so this is pretty recent - I know. The deleting of deviations on dA, blah blah blah. Guys - please limit this on your own journal instead of posting them here. Journal-advertisement only allows your update, requests and commission. Please refrain from posting those dramatic news on here; as it only will spread and not cease.

It's not a problem at first, but it does need to stop when a limit is reached. I know people are angry by this action and see it unnecessary to report works, but please - own journal. Your viewers. I understand people want to spread the words, but please do understand that this is a community with 3,000+ members where they will all see it. Some people do get annoyed by the amount of journals they receive about this matter. So please, again - limit it down. Tone it down.

And no, I don't mean any harm by this... And no, I'm not doing it for my own sake.

Thank you.

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