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Good morning/afternoon or evening to you all. :heart:

There are many submissions that we're receiving and many are submitting it into three different folders. Please be careful where you are submitting so we don't have to move things around and it becomes a large hassle.

Please do not click the Submit button more than once! You're sending in five submissions like that! xD

And please do not put your submissions into the Featured folder; we will figure out something out, but until then - it remains empty! Your submission will be declined if you submit to the Featured folder!

And also, there is a kind deviant running out there who made a journal entry about the foreign language usage in deviation that I think is very knowledgeable and nice of her to write:

And yes! There is a new folder so that you lovers of male!reader out there would not have to fish though tons of pages to find one! xD

PLEASE SUBMIT ALL MALE!READER TO THE Country X Male!Reader! <333 You don't have to move your already approved submission!


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